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2018-2019 Market Season

Vendor Tips For Success


Be A Successful Vendor

he Conway Community Market is a monthly retail establishment held at Barber Park in Southeast Orlando.  Members of the community enjoy exploring the market, walking their pets and listening to monthly themed programs, entertainment and music,. Community markets are growing in popularity across the country and can be a good entry-level selling place for beginning businesses.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do I enjoy working with the public? If not, can I hire someone friendly and competent for my booth?
  • What are the other vendors selling? What’s my niche?
  • How much time will I spend at the market? How early will my day start and end?
  • Am I willing to do this each month?
  • Have I completed the application process for the market? What are the rules? 


Grab Interest

  • Have an attractive product mix and clear signs for your market stand.
  • Ensure that you have a consistent supply of popular products.
  • Consider providing samples of your product if local regulations permit.
  • Set up a service system where customers do not have to wait too long in line.
  • If appropriate, invest in a scale that not only calculates weight but also gives you the sales price.
  • A calculator that prints on a paper tape is another useful tool.
  • Visit markets seasonally to figure out what’s missing from your market that you could supply.
  • If your product is seasonal, extend your season for popular products before or after the main season. This can increase your sales and attract new customers to your market stand.
  • Offer a discount coupon for a returning customer.
  • Have business cards. Be prepared to encourage after market sales.
  • Promote your product and service at the market:

  1. Conway Community Market Group (Facebook)
  2. Conway Community Orlando Group (Facebook - Membership required)
  3. Your personal social media page
  4. Your business social media page
  5. Twitter
  6. Instagram
  7. Your current customer base

Generate Excitement

  • Display your items at eye level, try not to have too many items laying flat on the table.
  • Make sure your items have easy to read prices!  No one wants to ask “How much?”
  • When a customer comes to your table, get up out of your chair, smile and greet them. SELL your item!  In other words, show how that item will benefit that person for themselves or as a gift to others.
  • Browse around and see what the other vendors have. Don’t be afraid to purchase items from them, they just maybe will purchase from you! Buyers bring other buyers.
  • If you have wearable items, you should wear one of those items you are selling, as this shows confidence in your product.
  • Get to know the other vendors close by you and hold a conversation with them when the crowd get slow, joke and have fun!
  • When there is a positive, happy atmosphere, there are sales!
  • Items for pets sell very well!
  • If at all possible, have a display with actual pictures showing you creating the items.  People enjoy seeing the “process.”  It may encourage some to try creating the same item, and the customers usually purchase one to use as a template!