The Conway Community Council (CCC), was founded by residents Linda Stewart and Murray Garbrick in the 1990’s in response to FDOT’s pursuit to widen Conway Road. Out of concern over the elimination of the tree canopy, lack of street lighting, medians, and sidewalks, increased speed limit, residents came together with a shared interest in preserving ambiance of Conway as a residential and family community.  When developers started expressing interest in the area around Lake George, members of CCC jumped into action to preserve what is now Barber Park.  The Conway Community Council has evolved into the Conway Community Organization in order to convey that this group is open to everyone and is non-profit and strictly volunteer based.  

The Conway Community Market was created to bring the community together each month to enjoy music, food and arts & crafts in Barber Park.  Monies raised from the market go into enriching our community in landscaping, exhibiting local artists and each event contributes to the financial support of Barber Park.

Our Beginnings

The Conway Community Organization put out a call for local artists to create murals for 6 utility boxes throughout the Conway area.   This project not only mitigates the negative effects of graffiti and unwanted postings on utility boxes, but also reduces maintenance costs, while creating lasting pieces of art that improves the appearance of Conway for residents and visitors alike.

Local artists, showcase local history, and foster a culture of the arts in River Falls. This project projects a unique attraction to the Conway area.

Artist-designed Utility Boxes

One of the missions of the Conway Community Organization is to preserve and protect our environment, wildlife and historical value.  

CCO has partnered with the University of Florida IFAS Agricultural Center, to deliver educational programs based on issues such as sustainable agriculture, competitiveness in world markets, natural resource conservation, energy conservation, food safety, child and family development, consumer credit counseling, and youth development.

Our volunteers have garnered a $1.0 million for double windows for Shenandoah Elementary School, engaged in multiple community clean-up events and prevented the Barber Park area from being developed into a 350 unit condo project.

Our Community Morbi Quisque